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Thursday, January 12, 2023

The Jupiter Sun - The Greatest Achievement in Human History now AVAILABLE AS AUDIBLE BOOK - Can be Free if you setup a new Free 30-Day Trial Acct.

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 The Jupiter Sun - Saves The Planet


jupiter sun, nuclear fusion, 2nd sun, Earth, SpaceX, NASA
Having a 2nd Sun in the sky is possible because Jupiter is a huge and safe Nuclear Fusion Reactor in Space.

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The greatest achievement of human history could become our greatest tragedy. With the world facing a possible imminent climate shift and escalating conflicts, what would be the planet's greatest tragedy should we fail to take action?  The answer:  YOU will die and so do all your children and their potential children after them.  It's called EXTINCTION.

Where do we go from here? The book explores the answers to that question in detail.  It covers the science, probe technology, economics and psychology of what we can and must do to save the planet and the whole human race.

The book details how we can and must create a 2nd sun in the sky by igniting Jupiter into a giant sun through a nuclear fusion reaction. This has been done in the lab, but now in order to save planet Earth, we need the fusion reactor to be planet sized and on an even bigger planet than our own.

Nature provides everything we need and has done so for millions of years. Now, we must exploit what Nature has given us just a few million miles away in space in the form of a Gas Giant, a sun that is ready to explode into a 2nd sun, but only when we're united enough and skilled enough in space travel to be able to pull of the greatest achievement in human and possibly all other forms of life's history.

One book is a science fiction novel and The Jupiter Sun - itself is a scientific exploration of how and when we can do this.

NASA, Jupiter, nuclear power,
NASA currently working on Anti-Matter Engines for quicker access to the solar system

Earth on fire, Save the planet, Climate change, global warming
PROBLEM:  We don't have much TIME LEFT

2 suns, two suns, 2nd sun, 2nd sun in sky, jupiter sun
What if we had two suns in the sky?

jupiter sun, 2nd sun, two sun sky, solar system
Jupiter was nearly our 2nd sun but died trying!

Mars, Mars Colony, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson
Mars will also have a 2nd Sun in their sky making for the transition to a habitable planet much faster.

Jupiter ignition project, JIP, nuclear fusion, fusion reaction,
By Shooting High Energy Laser Beams at the center of Jupiter it eventually starts Fusion Reaction that is the 2nd sun - The Jupiter Ignition Project (JIP)

The Jupiter Sun, Jupiter, NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin,
Jupiter Explodes into our 2nd sun

Jupiter Sun, two suns, 2nd sun, 2 sun sky, Jupiter Ignition Project
The Earth with two suns in the sky


Wednesday, January 11, 2023

The Only Solution to the current CLIMATE CRISIS - Call on NASA - ELON MUSK - JEFF BEZOS - SPACEX - BLUE ORIGIN et al to build the '2nd Sun Economy'

 FINAL EVIDENCE for the coming EXTINCTION of ALL LIFE ON EARTH is upon us.

If you live in California right now, you see the RIVERS IN THE SKY - Extreme amounts of moisture falling on most of California right now for weeks - THE FLOODING IS OF HISTORIC PROPORTIONS - NEVER SEEN BEFORE - after FIRES that we have never seen before.  

The oceans are the HOTTEST IN RECORDED HISTORY and turning ACIDIC - KILLING OFF ALL LIFE in the oceans - something we MUST HAVE in order to breathe since the planktonic life in the ocean constantly ingests our Carbon and expels - OXYGEN that we need to keep from SUFFOCATING.  This troubling event PLUS the elimination of all the trees on the planet is what has to STOP OR WE ARE SIMPLY GOING TO STOP BREATHING ONE DAY - ALL OF US at ONCE.

We'll be looking around for someone to save us - but everyone who might have done so is suffocating TOO!  What's up Planet?  Let's GET CRACKING!

This is ALL happening because of the Green House Gases - Mostly Carbon Dioxide we are all pouring into the atmosphere at record levels that emanate from our CARS, TRUCKS, AIR TRAVEL and WORK, the BASIS of our FOSSIL FUEL ECONOMY.

jupiter sun, NASA, SpaceX, Elon Musk, Mars Colony, Space Exploration
Having a 2nd Sun in the sky - GIVES US TWICE as much Free, Clean, and Infinite Solar Power to power our economy as we make the transition away from fossil fuels and into sustainable and Earth-friendly fuels.

UNLESS we want to DESTROY OUR ENTIRE ECONOMY - we MUST FIND A WAY to begin to REVERSE our Green House Gas Emissions BUT we must do so in a way that doesn't KILL THE BABY WITH THE BATHWATER, so to speak and our ECONOMY can quickly as possible TRANSITION into the Clean and FREE Energy from the SUN.  But not just the one sun we have now --


jupitersun, jupiter sun, 2nd sun, the jupiter sun, jupiter, NASA
TWO SUNS IN THE SKY - Our Present Sun + The Jupiter Sun

jupiter sun, NASA, SpaceX, Elon  Musk, Blue Origin, Space,
The Jupiter Sun - The Greatest Achievement in Human History

The Solar Energy Collected on the Earth by Solar Photo-Voltaic Panels constructed on the Earth and collecting the total amount of sunlight hitting the EARTH is NOT ENOUGH - 

We must also harness the Free and Clean and Infinite Energy from a 2nd Sun in the sky that can be created by humans working on MARS!

MOST OF US already know about how bad things are getting - BUT we don't know how to fix them.  After very careful consideration and review - we have the information now to put forth to the people of the Earth and it is time for those who will die - if nothing is done - to decide. 

The main problem is that no one wants to lose their job.  Rightfully so.  The vast majority of us are depending on our jobs to feed our families and keep a roof over our heads.  The problem is that most jobs are depending on the FOSSIL FUEL ECONOMY to exist.  So, by ending use of the FOSSIL FUELS, we KILL the ECONOMY.  Most of us would starve.

Therefore, the solution to the mess we've gotten ourselves into is to start DIGGING OUT of the fossil fuel economy RIGHT NOW.  HOW?  By putting the resources into SPACE that can RETURN the favor A THOUSAND - no a MILLION TIMES OVER!

BY igniting JUPITER into a 2nd Sun in the sky - we will gradually move to a completely SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY without the loss of anyone's INCOME - it will merely be MOVED OVER to a job that is related to the CLEAN ECONOMY and away from the KILLER ECONOMY.  



Monday, January 2, 2023

My New Book - How to Ignite Jupiter into our 2nd SUN - OUT NOW on AMAZON - AUDIBLE BOOK COMING SOON.


Where did this idea come from?
From The Book To End All Books by Michael Mathiesen

Can it actually be done? Do we want to do this? What if we empowered SpaceX and NASA to go and ignite Jupiter into a 2nd Sun? Would the advantages outweigh the disadvantages and potential risks? 

That's what I wondered one day as I was writing a new science fiction novel – The Book To End All Books – so titled because I like to believe it might be the last book anyone really needs to read. But, as it turns out there needs to be more attention on this idea than I can produce in one book and so I am encouraging NASA, SPACEX, Blue Origin, ESA and others to get on board with this idea sooner rather than later.

Soon after the completion of my scifi novel, my writing instincts were confirmed when the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, a part of the Department of Energy, announced that they had successfully created a Cold Fusion Reaction here on Earth and for the first time, got more energy out of the reaction than they had put in to hold all the hydrogen atoms in place and ignite them into a fusion reaction, the combining of two hydrogen atoms to create one helium atom. It’s the same process used by our sun which gives off infinite amounts of free and clean energy that our planet’s Biome then uses to make an environment that we can tolerate and thrive in while it also makes enough food for us to eat.

However, the scientists at Lawrence Livermore who performed this nice little trick tell us that the day that we can all count on practical fusion-reactor-generated power is still about 50 years away - far too long in my opinion since we will definitely have gone over the Tipping Point by then, meaning that no matter what we do to help reverse the effects of Global Warming, nothing we can do will be comprehensive enough to counteract the centuries long damage we’ve done and we eventually die off, maybe even killing all life on Earth along with us. 

In my latest science fiction novel, my story predicts the next 1,000 years in which the Earth gets a 2nd sun in the sky.  But, when I finished this book, I realized that everything in my story could take place in a far more compressed timeline and in fact, had better do so, or else we may not get another chance. 

I also began to assess the fact that creating a 2nd sun in the sky would be the most cost-effective, efficient and timely ways to reverse global warming – as strange as it sounds – because with twice as much free solar energy coming down from the sky each day and for longer periods of daylight each day, we would never have to burn an ounce of fossil fuel ever again, thus rapidly reversing the ill effects of Carbon Dioxide and other toxins pouring into the atmosphere from our vehicles and factories.

So, in this article, I’m going to put forth briefly all of the ways that this can happen in our own lifetimes, just in time to save our planet and the many ways that we can speed this up and all of the reasons why we will want to do this and find ourselves living in a modern future where the most intelligent species ever evolved on this planet will join together to save their planet by creating something as wonderful as a new star in the sky. If there is life anywhere else in the universe, they may all become highly envious of us when they discover what we’ve accomplished here in such little time.

By transporting the technology that was just developed at the Lawrence Livermore Labs and other laser research facilities around the world as well as the latest means of investigating particle physics, to the many moons of Jupiter and aiming the high-powered laser beams at the center of Jupiter, we can setup the same experiment of creating cold fusion on a planet that is known as a ‘Gas Giant’ because it is filled with copious amounts of highly compressed Hydrogen atoms just waiting to fuse into Helium atoms, thus becoming a star, although a ‘Dwarf Star’ in our sky. This is something we have already done in the lab – why not in Space?

When you study all of the other proposals to save our planet in trying to reverse global warming, they all fall flat on their faces simply because they would all have to be approved by an almost limitless number of governmental bureacracies, agencies and politicians who are directly influenced by the fossil fuel industry. When I assess a suggested method of getting ourselves out of this mess we’re in, I have to assess the odds of the proposal being adopted in the halls of Congress, the United Nations and in areas of the world like China and Russia, two places that we can know with absolute certainty will never agree to limiting their economic growth as they struggle aggressively every day to become the number one political and economic power on the planet.

And no proposed solution can actually succeed unless and until it is endorsed and utlized by every one of the individuals, corporations and countries in existence today. If only one of them dissents, we’re still staring down the barrel of extinction.

Therefore, the mode of our salvation must start out by being something that if only one nation can do, will impact all the others with or without their permission. Since the United States has chosen to be the so-called ‘leader of the free world’ it is encumbent on us here in this country to live up to that claim once and for all and deliver to the world the one and only solution that might avoid our total destruction and do so forthwith. Let anyone who complains about it become known as the ‘Destroyers of Civilization’, the greatest evil extant today.

It’s really that simple.

And so, I invite anyone alive today to come up with a better way to go, but it must be available and practical for any nation like ours to perform without the approval of other nations. And, it must be the most cost-effective solution and one that does not destroy our economy. Launching space ships and continuing our space exploration as we have seen fulfills all of these preliminary requirements in that no one can veto our Space programs and the projects themselves stimulate our economy more effectively than any other endeavor simply by the increased technological advances that are made at each step of the way.

For example, Humans will soon be traveling to the stars inside ships propelled by Anti-Matter powered engines. NASA is actually experimenting with this mode of space travel even as we speak.

So, what if I’m right and a 2nd sun in the sky is the ONLY way to avoid the coming extinction of all life on this planet? If true, then the very next thing we need to do is to start researching in every college and university exactly what the benefits would be as well as the potential dangers and unintended consequences, how serious they may be and how we may be able to mitigate them.

The Jupiter Sun has been patiently waiting for billions of years for someone to come along and hit the switch that would turn it on. My Scifi novel lays out how and why the Greatest Achievement in Human history could happen. But it’s got to go beyond science fiction and become a popular living concept quickly.   

We can and must ignite the hydrogen deep inside Jupiter's core to start the fusion chain reaction that powers our present and only sun - that's it. We can send SpaceX and NASA spacecraft, both manned and unmanned, in a few short years and . . . ‘Butta Bing – Butta Boom’ . . Solve our entire energy crisis - and most of our other problems - overnight in what could actually be quite simple compared to other ventures.

When done, they will shout it loud and clear from all the rooftops that this was Humanity’s Greatest Achievement! Can we sit around and wait any longer? SpaceX, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin and others must be involved as well as NASA, the European Space Agency and all the other national space agencies, I count about 70 such as Japan’s and even the UAE. In researching my science fiction novel, this event takes place in 3002 A.D., because I thought it important to show how carefully and deliberately we must proceed before pulling the trigger on Juipiter. In my book, the debate for and against goes on for centuries. Unfortunately, in our present reality, we may not have this magnum sized luxury of time. We’re cutting it close, too close for my liking and I hope yours because it could be all your childrens’ lives that are the most greatly impacted and impacted the most severely if we do nothing.

In this author’s humble opinion, we must get all the resources together and perform all of the tests necessary for Proof of Concept by the end of this decade. This done, we need to immediately launch the first space vehicles who will take several years to land all of the equipment necessary to do this on several of Jupiter’s moons. It will require years more perhaps to focus them all onto one spot that would kickstart the Fusion reaction necessary to explode Jupiter into a 2nd sun.  

No one thought landing a man on the moon was possible until President John F. Kennedy made his famous speech and set the national goal to go there by 1969. NASA then made it happen. We need a leader perhaps in the field of Astronomy or Physics or even in the White House to do the same today for putting a 2nd sun in the sky and thus saving our kind. 

There are risks of course and that is why we need to study the idea in depth. For one, the Jupiter sun would create 24 hour long daylight on the Earth about one fourth of the time. But this is just an educated guess of mine. It could be many more days and nights that are affected. It could be less. We need to study the orbit of Jupiter in detail so that we can learn exactly how much more daylight we would have and create a calendar that farmers could depend on – (The Jupiter Daylight Savings Time) and how this would affect our agriculture and all other aspects of our lives.

We also need to know how much a 2nd sun – much smaller than our present sun and much further away would affect the temperature of our planet so that we don’t burn ourselves to death. In my estimation the added heat from Jupiter would be more than offset by the reduced CO2 emissions that would result from the immediate cessation of fossil fuels.  

This also has to be studied, as well as how to collect all of this extra energy. But it seems to me that during the time it takes to setup the ignition equipment on the moons of Jupiter, we can be improving our entire solar panel technology and launching the more advanced panels into orbit around the Earth as well as Mars that would be enough to collect the additional solar power so that the day we explode the 2nd sun, we are actually cooling our planet and going back to more normal and environmentally friendly patterns. 

Why do this? I hope I have convinced you that on the day we have two suns in the sky - we will start down a path that allows our civilization to continue without having any unknown and unintended consequences. This means that on both Mars and the Earth we would have plenty of food to feed our entire population and all the energy we need for everything we all aspire to having on a daily basis and even helping to ensure the survival of our kind in the universe.

Since Jupiter sun’s solar energy would be just as clean and sustainable as well as unlimited in supply this would end the current global climate crisis on the Earth, and help make Mars a huge success because being closer to Mars it would raise the temperatures there by dozens of degrees, and eventually help to terraform the planet as well. This would be our insurance policy that we magnificent creatures will be around for centuries into the future. The Mars colony might also be able to develop as a launching pad for inter-stellar travel as well, perhaps even before the end of this century. But this is only my lone opinion and it would strike me as the greatest irony in history if we all continued our path to extinction while we have such a comprehensive and simple solution in hand.

We hope that in good faith and action that anyone now aware of this material will move it from their hands and into the hands of another.

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Sunday, January 1, 2023

HAPPY NEW YEAR - Start off the New Year with the New Book - Available on Jan 1st 2023.

 The Jupiter Sun

It may seem like Science Fiction, but there is a planet not so very far away that is up against the greatest threat that exists in the universe - self-annihilation.  They have come to the point in their technology that within the next 50 to 100 years they are either going to murder all life on their planet, including their own mass suicide OR they are going to turn their technological prowess into the greatest achievement by any life form anywhere in the universe.  It's going to be one or the other.  But this is happening not on another planet way out there in Space somewhere.  It's not science fiction any more.  This is our fate staring us right in the eyes.

They have in front of them or that is to say WE have in front of us the method of saving all life on this planet by 

The idea sprang out of my Science Fiction writings recently in a book entitled 'The Book to End All Books'.  In it, my characters and main plot develops into a very simple way to ignite the planet Jupiter into an actual sun.  

Jupiter is known by astronomers to be a 'Gas Giant'.  This isn't a large man with indigestion.  It's a classification for planets that start to develop into a sun, but never quite accomplish the feat of a spontaneous fusion combustion that is required to be a sun.  These planets are filled with hydrogen just as the sun is, but that hydrogen never becomes hot enough or compressed enough to start the chain reaction under its own power.  

The good news is that the Lawrence Livermore lab, a part of the Dept of Energy, within the United States Government recently cracked the code for a human made fusion reaction and actually created fusion in the lab.  They used high-powered lasers and more than 100 of them to aim them at a single spot in a magnetic bottle filled with Hydrogen atoms.  When they got it right, the fusion reaction started and produced more energy comingout than they had to put into it to get it started.

This was as huge first-of-its-kind and it made me realize from my earlier science fiction musings that the time had come where we could actually pull off what people will someday know as the 'The Greatest Achievement in Human history' - the ignition of a planet into a star.

This book not only explains the way that this can be done by SpaceX from Elon Musk, Blue Origin from Jeff Bezos and NASA from all of us, but it also shows in great detail how this could be our cheapest, fastest and best way out of our present conundrum of requiring so much energy produced by fossil fuels which is the basis of our whole economy and turning all of that infra-structure away from the climate emergency that it causes and towards the entire planet running on Solar Power - which will double as soon as we can turn Jupiter into our 2nd sun.

There are risks of course.  It could be the biggest flop in history, or the 2nd sun could produce so much more heat in our sky that we make things worse.  It is my best educated guess that the gradual over-warming of our planet due to a 2nd sun will actually be less than it is now due to the fact that we will no longer be forced to use fossil fuels any more, which will soon produce zero CO2 poured into the atmosphere and therefore, the greenhouse effect will decline, actually cooling our Earth and perhaps even in time to save us and all future generations.

Of course, educated guesses are not good enough to base trillions of dollars of investment that will be used to do this thing, and that's why this book is also a call to action to start the research and development of this concept so that we can have the confidence to go ahead with it or replace it with something better.   I challenge anyone to come up with something better.

I'm extremely pleased that Elon Musk said recently that he's going to resign as chief of Twitter because we're going to need all of his attention as well as others of his ilk on this herculean task as soon as possible.


Wednesday, December 14, 2022

The Jupiter Sun IGNITES at a bookstore near you. The only way to save the planet Earth is to sacrifice the Gas-Giant Jupiter - She would want it that way. -Michael Mathiesen

 We can and we must IGNITE the planet Jupiter into a 2nd Sun in the sky and we must do it sooner rather than later.

2nd sun, jupiter, jupiter sun, elon musk, spacex, NASA, Audible books

AT PRESENT I have a Science Fiction treatment of this subject - BUT am working on a Research Project that I will publish later with the cooperation of a major Astronomy Dept. at an accredited University.

Because - The Benefits of a 2nd Sun in the sky - especially one that is in the orbit that Jupiter maintains at present is the KEY TO OUR SURVIVAL.

ZERO CO2 EMISSION and FREE, CLEAN and SUSTAINABLE SOLAR ENERGY from a 2nd sun enough to power every single human activity for ALL ETERNITY.



(Screaming is allowed because he's so distracted at present by his managing of the tweets on Twitter.)



#NASA, and #DOE should band together and start the JUPITER IGNITION PROJECT (JIP) before it's too late. ALL other solutions take too long and cannot stave off EXTINCTION. TheJupiterSun.com

The Jupiter Ignition Project is something that few have heard of today - but MOST of us will know about it soon - or else we all die and the Human race goes extinct in just a few short decades.

What is it?

It's a notion that I got while creating my last book - The Book To End All Books - the IGNITION OF JUPITER INTO OUR 2nd Sun in the sky.

I know - SOUNDS CRAZY - but hear me out.  Please!  

Government Laboratories like the Lawrence Livermore Lab are spending billions to create COLD FUSION - an artificial sun inside a small bottle.

KEEPING A SMALL SUN WORKING ON PLANET EARTH will always USE UP TONS OF ENERGY to keep the SMALL SUN or the fusion reaction contained in the little bottle.

AND it will NEVER produced enough clean energy IN TIME TO SAVE THE PLANET.  It would be our last great scientific achievement.

WHEREAS - the Greatest PLACE to IGNITE a SMALL STAR is the PLANET JUPITER because it was INTENDED to become a SMALL STAR - what's known as a Dwarf Star EXCEPT that it never did.  It is stillborn.

BUT JUST IN TIME FOR THE RESCUE - along comes the HUMAN MIND now expanded it its knowledge so completely that it has the power and the ability to MAKE A STAR APPEAR suddenly in the night sky.

THE FREE, CLEAN and SUSTAINABLE Solar Energy from the 2nd Sun, the Jupiter Sun - would be enough to CONVERT ALL OF OUR FOSSIL FUEL BURNING SYSTEMS into SOLAR POWERED SYSTEMS and machines OVERNIGHT - thus REVERSING the Global Warming and Climate Crisis that is continuing to plague us and which will soon KILL ALL LIFE on Earth.

MAKE SOME NOISE - LET CONGRESS know about this idea.  SCREAM TO NASA about it.  Demand that they RESEARCH the concept.  

Because WHEN NASA, SPACEX and BLUE HORIZON, JPL, DOE and others TEAM UP TO SEND UNMANNED and MANNED MISSIONS to MARS and then JUPITER for the purpose of IGNITING THE GAS GIANT into our 2nd SUN - there will be NO HOPE for us.


The Jupiter Sun - The Greatest Achievement in Human History now AVAILABLE AS AUDIBLE BOOK - Can be Free if you setup a new Free 30-Day Trial Acct.